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A "Hello!" is the starting point for a story about tolerance and communication between cultures. Mobile video projection art in public space plays with language and cultural codes and surprises spectators. People affect people, make them laugh and initiate a new dialogue.

The cross-border project "Servus & Griaß Di!" creates an artistic counterpart towards the challenges induced by the current migration circumstances. It explores the polarity between "foreign" and "familiar" by showing videos of people from different origins greeting in Austrian and Slovenian dialect.

In the area of Graz and Ljubljana as well as part of the Svetlobna Gverila festival the characters appear all of a sudden on facades and house entrances, once people are passing by. The innovative "Mobile Mapper" becomes the technical carrier for video projection art and can therefore move freely in urban space. Reaching out to as many people as possible, dismantling barriers and raising awareness and acceptance becomes possible through this unique connection.

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Tour information

In May and June 2017 interactive interventions will happen in urban public space in different locations around Styria and Slovenia. The presentations will also be part of Svetlobna Gverila Festival in Ljubljana. Detailed dates and further information can be found on our Facebook page. Also feel free to connect with us via the contact form:

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Project partners

Land Steiermark, Kulturressort Caritas, Diözese Graz Seckau Svetlobna Gverila Festival Ljubljana ARGE Maplab Bildwerk MO:YA Visuals

This project is financed by Land Steiermark, department for culture and external affairs, as part of the open call for cross-border art and cultural projects 2016.